The Sonics in Sydney Australia

“Dusty Watson (Dick Dale, Agent Orange, Davie Allan, Supersuckers, Boss Martians) has occupied the kit since 2009 and is a force of nature. There’s flash in the way he wields those sticks but there’s also immaculate feel and he powers The Sonics like a supercharged rock and roll band.” I-94 Bar Sydney, Australia

The Sonics at Easy Street Records

  Record Store Day, for most music enthusiasts, is viewed as a Black Friday for music lovers.  With that territory comes anticipation, long lines, crowded aisles and the aloof demeanor that “Everyday is Record Store Day”.  2015 Record Store Day for West Seattle’s Easy Street Records would be one that will be forever embedded as an iconic moment in Seattle’s …

Pounding Surf DVD

“Pounding Surf” is a full-length documentary feature exploring the roots and branches of the SoCal surf music scene from 1961 to the present day and beyond. It features Dusty Watson discussing his experiences with surf music and teaching surf drumming techniques. Also featuring The Safaris, Bob Colwell, Lee Kix, Tracy Longstreth and many more. It is available in Dusty’s Shop …

The Sonics New Record

The Sonics have been recording at Soundhouse Studios in Seattle, with producer Jim Diamond from Detroit. Read the CMJ interview. Read the BeatRoute interview. Visit Soundhouse Recordings to read about tracking.

The Sonics

Video of The Sonics with Dusty on drums. “Shot Down” The White Stripes named The Sonics as one of the bands that influenced them the most, calling them “the epitome of ’60s punk” and claiming they were “harder than the Kinks, and punk long before punk”. Dusty joined them on drums in 2012.

Sierra Surf Music Camp

Surf Camp 2014 is Coming Players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy, experience and create surf music at Sierra Surf Music Camp! Find out how to join in the fun. The Sierra Surf Music Camp was created with the idea of spending a weekend with friends, family, and community in the study and appreciation of California’s indigenous folk …